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All the power of Tailwind without having to write code

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Hey 👋,  I'm Harris and I'm a BIG fan of TailwindCSS!  

Before WeBase came along you needed to be a developer to enjoy its power⚡.  

Now we are bringing this delicious framework to everyone!

Here's how it works...

Use the Tailwind component editor to create smaller reusable UI components.

We've already created a bunch that were hand-crafted just for you!

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Next use the Tailwind website editor to create a full-blown website.

You can start with one of our templates or build it from scratch using the component library.

What will you build?

Other goodies...


Yes we support the animations in Tailwind.  But we also have much more juicy animation support with Motion One.


Want to run a blog on your site?  We have a backend database system that is legit.  Blogs available today, anything you want coming soon!


We've done a simple integration with Open AI to make it easier than ever to create content.  Just remember to use your brain so it is also creative!

Last but not least...

When you are ready, you can launch your site on a custom domain with our Netlify integration.
Or... if you want to host it somewhere else you can download the code and take it with you! 🙌 🙌

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Access to all WeBase components
2 websites with custom domains
Unlimited downloads for each website (2)
Netlify integration for global CDN deployments 
2GB of storage
All future WeBase templates and components
Access to AI Assistant for creating content
Lifetime Deal


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Build something great!
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