Build with WeBase, Deploy to Netlify

The goal of WeBase is to make it incredibly easy to build custom applications and websites without writing code.  It's a "no code" platform.

Currently all WeBase applications and sites are hosted on our own platform.  It is robust and can handle a large number of applications etc.  But the focus is more on making it easy to build, not host.

Netlify has built a platform that makes it incredibly easy to host applications on global infrastructure.  It is a great product.  But it is primarily built for coders, people comfortable with things like Git and version control.  Not create for makers that are building without writing code.

Today I am happy to announce that you can Build with WeBase, and deploy to Netlify.  This gives you a very easy way to build powerful applications and deploy them to global infrastructure.

To learn more watch this video: Build on WeBase, Deploy to Netlify.