Welcome to WeBase

I started building WeBase in January of 2019 mainly just for fun.  My project to complete a Master's in Software Engineering back in 2007 was, "A Web Application to Build Web Applications".  WeBase is a modern version of that, a no-code platform allowing you to build real database backed web applications from within a browser without writing any code.

To date though it has mainly been a side project.  In the spring of 2019 I joined a startup named Landing and for the next 2.5 years there was not a lot of time to work on WeBase.

I spent 2022 doing some consulting with a local startup and spending time thinking about what's next.  Toward the end of '22 I started thinking about WeBase and what it could be if it wasn't just a side project.

During this time of reflection I decided to put real effort into turning WeBase into a software platform that will represent my best work in this industry.

Today, however, WeBase is merely a decent minimum viable product (MVP).  You can create custom databases and websites and integrate the two together, but the product is very average compared to similar tools available today.

So I've replaced the old home page with this simple landing page and removed all links to the meh content I've had up here.

Going forward anything you find here will be very good.  I won't let perfection stand in the way of progress, but WeBase will be polished and something I am proud of.  Over time, as it is molded and crafted, it will be awesome.

The initial goal of WeBase will be to allow users to create and deploy gorgeously designed websites and applications incredibly fast.

It will be targeted at entrepreneurs and small business owners that want modern digital experiences for their customers in record time.

You can still check out the MVP version of WeBase but this version will likely go away over the course of the year as the UI is simplified.  In 2023 I don't think anyone wants to build something from scratch.

Today the user experience should mostly done for you with users providing a small number of inputs and the platform doing all the heavy lifting.  Any customization should feel just like polishing a spot on your car and not doing a full detail yourself.

I'm excited about getting started!  Here's to an awesome 2023!!
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