A Love Letter to TailwindCSS

I remember when I first saw you.  You were the new hotness and everyone was talking about you.

I was sitting across the room and I have to admit that you looked gorgeous.

I remember making one of those casual "walk-bys" like people do in a restaurant to see what other diners are eating and what looks good.

You were even more beautiful up close!  I was already in a relationship at the time though so I decided not to stop and say hi.

Later on, after seeing you around a few more times, I decided to see what all of the fuss was about.

Honestly despite how good you looked I didn't really like you at first.  I looked everywhere just to get a glimpse of your styles and I never could find them!

Plus, and this was the kicker, I thought you talked way too much.  From my point of view you were just too verbose.  You'd always drone on and on and never get right to the point.

Nonetheless I kept hearing people talk about you and eventually I decided to do a serious investigation.

I'm not sure if you know this but during this time I actually stopped by your house.  The door was wide open so I just let myself in and had a look around.

Wow.  I have to admit I didn't understand half of what was going on inside your house and I have seen a lot of houses over the years.  I've even built a few myself.

After looking around a bit I did start to see a beauty beyond your outward appearance.   I found the way you represent every little detail of a site design quite fascinating.

This is when things started to change.  Despite your garrulous proclivities, I started to see how flexible and powerful you were.

After that visit to your house I decided to start tinkering around.  One thing I love to build is dynamic tools.  So I started playing around over the holidays with dynamically applying your classes within a point and click editor.  I remember making a few selections with my nascent TailwindCSS editor to generate:

text-6xl font-extrabold tracking-tight underline decoration-fuchsia-500 decoration-wavy

... and thinking... Wow... this is pretty cool. 

Now I could introduce you to another massive group of people... non developers.  Plus this editor would also be useful to your current audience for quick UI experimentation.

This is when things clicked and not long after I had a major crush on you. 

So much so that I made the hard decision to break up with my current girlfriend.  It was tough because we had been together for so many years and honestly she did have many great qualities that I still admire.

But I had evolved and just wasn't able to appreciate her like I had in the past.

Eventually, after working with you in depth for a couple of months I was in love.  Like gushing, can't stop talking about you love. 

It lead me to build an entire product with you at the center of it.  And honestly even though I am not very good at design you make me look like I at least have a clue. 

Mind you real designers will still notices plenty of imperfections in my work but that does not diminish the fact that you make things look better.  And there will be time to buff out all the blemishes.

I will go ahead and start wrapping this up.  I know what you're thinking with the length of this letter, "Whose the loquacious one now?".  But I just want to tell you quickly a few of the specific things I love about you.

Your colors.  They are just too delicious.  All those shades and color variations.  I love them so much.  I even built a cool color-picker to make it easy to pick any color and any shade (or is it tint? I can never remember).

Your states.  Oh... I could go on and on about your hover states and screen modifiers.  Believe it or not I actually built a "dynamic hover state system" for my previous GF so I know what's involved.  And yours is even better!!

Your docs.  They look so good!  But... the actual substance is there too!  Seriously, between you and me, how long did it take to crank all of that out?  You obviously care about your users and that means a lot.

And lastly, your attention to detail.  You literally seem to have thought of everything.  Every time I think of some esoteric nuance of front-end design and go and check your docs I almost always find an answer.  Even the few things you decided not to support you at least thought about them.

I could go on but I fear I may start to bore you.

Please tell your dad hello for me.  And tell him thank you too.  He really did a great job with you and now you are helping make the world a a more beautiful place.

I love thinking back to those early days with you.  They were so much fun!  

But honestly I am just as excited about our future and being one of those boring couples that stays home on a Friday night!

By the way, do we have plans this weekend?  We might should think about staying in and you can help me add grids to my tool.

I love you.  See you soon!



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