Introducing the All New WeBase!

red and white OPEN LED lights
We've been hard at work on a new version of WeBase and are happy to announce that it is now generally available!!

So... whats new?


Pick a color and your fonts and WeBase will generate a theme you can apply to any website. Then customize the theme in any way you want. Easy!


The real power of the new WeBase platform comes from components. Think of a component as a simple building block that can be combined to create more complicated UI elements. They are like legos for your website!


Templates are ready-made sites that you can use as starting points for your site.  They are hand-crafted and fully responsive so that you can just update the copy and do some minor editing to launch your site in record time!


Creating a gorgeous website that is fully responsive should be simple. Pull together components to create new pages in seconds. Update your copy and click publish and boom you have a modern site worthy of your business.

AI Assistant

Last but certainly not least, WeBase has built-in support for Chat GPT allowing you to create content faster than every.  Get tips for better headlines, blog post titles and even generate large chunks of your content with the power of AI.


Build something great!
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