'Creator' Business App

This app template - made in Webase using nocode - is aimed at creators who are looking for a process to produce high-quality content and grow their brand. Our app is suited for writers, podcasters, and filmmakers, along with other types of creators.

Our 'Creator Business' app is designed to alleviate a few of the problems that creators face. Two of those problems:

a) The 'creator economy' requires insane consistency. Social media moves fast, and creators can lose thousands of followers in days for simply not releasing content.

b) About 20% of creators capture about 80% of the audience. And that ratio gets worse with monetization. About 1% of creators make 90% of the revenue. So, it can be difficult for new creators to capture a share of the audience and even harder to move into monetization. 

The app is composed of four tables:

1. Content Creation

Create records and track your content process to produce consistently.

2. Content Promotion

Follow a process to promote each piece of content so that you can grow your audience and, ultimately, your brand.

3. Growth

Metrics to help you grow your fanbase and break the 80:20 ratio.

4. Monetization

Follow this process as you to start to gain a fanbase so that you can monetize your content.

The hallmark of any Webase app template is its customizability and flexibility. Make changes to the data model without code. Add new views to work through your lens of the world. In the Creator Business app, you can work from a grid view, a list view, and more. 

The Webase Creator app is a tool to help you consistently produce content, increase traffic, grow your brand, and start monetizing your work.

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