Customer relationship management is essential for running a successful business or side project. Our CRM template - made in WeBase without code - lets you organize information about all your customers and keep track of your interactions with them.

Because of the customizability that WeBase offers, our CRM tool works for a variety of projects and small businesses. You can make changes to the data model and layout all without code, according to the size of your business and your goals.

Our CRM tool is composed of two tables: contacts and interactions. These two tables are automatically linked so that you can store and filter all of your interactions by contact.

The template is designed for you to work from your preferred view. Use a calendar view to see which contacts you need to follow up with. Work from a grid view to organize information like a spreadsheet.

What the Webase CRM tool lets you organize:


  • Name
  • Email
  • Twitter handle
  • Source (where you found them, ex: twitter, hacker news)
  • Interactions


  • Date
  • Medium (i.e. Twitter DM, Zoom meeting, phone call)
  • Responded (check mark for yes or no)
  • Collaborator (who reached out)
  • Notes

(^^The template is tailored for marketing promotion, but, again, you can change it for your needs.)

In sum, our CRM template provides an easy way to establish contacts for your business and convert them into customers. Add contacts on the go from your phone. Collaborate with others - our template is built from the ground up for teams.

CRM is an integral part of business, and our tool makes it easy for you to track the process.
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