Market Research

Our app template for market research has three objectives.

1. Define your product's place in the market. Lay out the problem(s) that it solves. Describe the functions of the features that solve that problem.

2. Do user research. Analyze your customer's behavior. What triggers make them buy something?

      - Our app includes a survey form that you can send out to potential clients. Gather feedback from them about your product's objectives.

3. Do competitor analysis. Where are your customers already satisfying the problem? Define the way the competitors solve the problem, the market share they have, and their brand awareness.

Our market research app template is fully customizable. Make changes to the data model. Create views to display information the way you want to see it. Do it all in a drag and drop fashion - no code is needed.

We support these views: 

-Grid view; list view; gallery view; kanban view; details view; custom.

You can create as many survey forms as you like and customize the existing one.

Market research is critical for your company. Our WeBase app template is designed to make market research efficient and effective.
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