Awesome Company

Our mission is to delight our users and their customers with creative design.

Meet the Team

Sophia Ruth

CEO and Co-founder

Harris Reynolds

CTO and Co-founder

Cheryl Lynn

Head of People

Alexander Smith

Head of Design

Jenn Z

Head of Fun

Jose Gomez

Lead Architect

Our Values

Pursue Excellence

We are actively pursuing our very best work.  With each feature we build for you we go the extra mile to ensure that you get the most value out of our product.  As we repeat this over time, the product will truly become incredible

Believe the Best in People

We want to see everyone reach their fullest potential and to fulfill their purpose.  We speak to their future potential and don't dwell on past mistakes.  When mistakes are made we seek to learn from them and move on.

Cultivate Creativity

In a world were artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a mainstream tool we embrace human creativity.  One thing computers aren't good at is being creative!  So we embrace and encourage creative ideas to help us differentiate ourselves and our customers.

We are Relational

Everyone who interacts with our business is a real person that we want to connect with and help in any way possible.  We seek to build community and make space for real connections with our customers so that we can understand who they are how we can help them.

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