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PHG Sewing is a contract cut and sew company. We specialize in manufacturing in the upholstery industry. We look forward to working with you.

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Quality is the pride of our workmanship

PHG Sewing provides cut and sew upholstery services - with quality fashioned from the inside out. We are committed to customer service, sustainability, and quality. See how to collaborate with us to make the furniture that everyone deserves. 


Made in the USA 
Latest walking foot sewing technology 
50+ years of experience
We make it easy for our clients.

We are establishing the best option for cut and sew upholstery. Over 50 years, collectively, of experience.


Our senior leadership has over 30 years of experience working with contract furniture. In addition, our seamers have 25 years of experience working with upholstery and other fabric services. With our background in this industry, we are positioned well to provide cut & sew solutions.


Cut & sew technology allows us to recycle and repurpose fabric. When the life of soft seating is over, the product is typically taken to a landfill - and often too soon since only the fabric may be worn. Cut and sew technology extends the life of the furniture. It lets us remove, recycle, and replace fabric. This preserves the life of the product and, in the long term, prevents landfill clutter.

Core competencies

We work with a variety of clients to produce cut and sew solutions. We are positioned to handle production runs for your product, or if you are a factory, to help with your spillover business. 

Our Business Model

The PHG advantage
We are positioned to provide sustainable and quality service for both small production runs and large, recurring runs. Our advantage is in our flexibility, adaptability, and unrivaled experience in this industry.
For suppliers, we do the heavy lifting
We are built on dedicated service to our clients. In our effort toward customer satisfaction, we let you know your direct cost up-front. Our business model is designed to make it as easy as possible for clients who delegate their production orders. to us.
Final steps
We have a simple process for going into production: submit a proposal online, run a set of samples, then go into production. If you are looking for a manufacturer, then choose PHG to strengthen local economies and support American jobs.
PHG Sewing is a cut and sew fabric company. Founded in 2021 by Patrick Priest.
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