What we do

Cut and sew fabric that changes the conventionality of upholstery

Our process presents a superior way to do upholstery
We partner with manufacturing plants to handle a portion of their orders. We can do a production run of cut and sew kits for the factory, or we can handle their overflow business. Then we use the latest walking foot computerized sewing machines to produce perfect-fitting fabric for the soft seating.
Made in the USA (Riceville, Tennessee), we pride ourselves on the finest craftsmanship in the country. When customers order from PHG Sewing, they are buying American-made. 
Our latest walking foot computerized sewing machines eliminate any potential human errors.
Our team has well over 100 years of collective experience in the upholstery business. Since cut & sew requires a lot of skill, we are the people best suited for the job.

How it works

It's a multi-step process

01. We pick out the fabric. 

02. We do the sewing. 

03. We do the manufacturing. 

04. We do the shipping. 

Getting started with us
We'd be happy to have you as our next client. Getting in touch with us is easy. Learn more about what we do by contacting us below.
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PHG Sewing is a cut and sew fabric company. Founded in 2021 by Patrick Priest.
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