Hey,  I'm Harris. 👋 

I'm a software developer and entrepreneur living in Birmingham, AL.

I've been working in software development for a pretty long time. 

I've worked for a few BIG companies, but mostly I've worked with startups.  One you may have heard of is Shipt, the grocery delivery company that was acquired by Target.

Currently I am working on WeBase, a no-code platform that aims to make it easy for anyone to build anything.  That is an ambitious mission.  To start we are focused on building a great user experience for creating websites.  The next phase though will include integrating with our backend system to support creating and using custom databases.

When I am not working I love spending time with my family, traveling, cooking or doing something active outside!

Here's are few places we've lived...

I'd love to connect!

@harrisreynolds on Twitter