Harris Reynolds

I'm not sure if resumes are still a thing but in case they are here's mine.


My goal is to crush it every where I go.  I'm not really looking for a J-O-B right now but WeBase is currently looking for customers if you'd like to benefit from my work.  I'll do everything I can to ensure I add more value to you and your business than the price of the product.


Auburn University

Masters of Software Engineering
Spring, 2007 - Summa Cum Howdy

University of South Florida

Bachelor's of Accounting
Spring, 1995 - Magna Cum Howdy



September 2021 - Present
- Building a world-class no-code platform
- Lead developer on v2 of the website editor based on TailwindCSS


August 2014 - December 2015
- Lead development of grocery delivery platformed
- Hired the early engineering team
- Had fun

Nimble Labs

July 2003 - August 2014
- Worked with a lot of cool companies
- Built lots of cool stuff

Price Waterhouse

March 1997 - June 2001
- This was my first job out of school.
- I knew almost nothing when I started, but I did learn a lot
- This is when I really started learning about software development
- Completed 3 month training course learning how to program in Cobol, C and PowerBuilder